GCH Desert Reef's La Dolce Vida Of Kotu and

BISS GCH Kotu's The Outspoken King Of Desert Reef have 7 puppies... all males!

*As of today, there is one not yet spoken for - a very sweet, perfect for therapy boy*

Now ready for his home!

Desert Reef - Karen: 435-619-6019

Kotu - Bruce: 801-866-3292

What fabulous puppies - we couldn't be more proud!  

Gucci is being a wonderful mother, caring for each baby boy with superb nurturing.  Studies show the relationships and care of the dam and her puppies contribute greatly to their future behavior and temperaments, effecting them socially and physically.  She helps them to be more confident and explorative, and less reactive  to the world.

Their environment as well plays a big part of what they'll be like as an adult.

When raised inside a home, with human interactions and the activities going on, pups grow up to love people - and tend not to be aggressive.

The days of these puppies are filled with lots of love and interactions!


Love Love Love!


Here with their faces shaved... about 5 weeks old