This Thanksgiving morning we welcomed 7 little blessings!
The puppies started to arrive in the wee hours of the morning.
They are all doing well, latching on immediately.

We are so pleased to have so many potential silver puppies.
One lone white puppy will get quite the attention, I'm sure!

Parents are Desert Reef's Simply Eloquint and Amandi's Hi D Ho Desert Reef.
Parents are health tested, with good results and puppies come with a health warranty contract.
See their information on the Puppies page.

Stay tuned for updated pictures and video clips of the darlings.

December 28

Wow, it's scary how fast the time is going!  The puppies are growing and maturing wonderfully and showing a bit of their personalities.  What cuties, all of them!  
Many changes... the smallest female at birth has passed up another female... our 'special' pup (in purple) has 10 teeth already exposed while not one of her siblings has one!  We have nose kissers and we have lots of cuddlers... all are going to be just beautiful!

They have been getting goat milk formula (goat milk, raw egg, natural goat yogurt and bit of honey) 3 times a day but now will be down to 2 times a day as I have up'd their meat.  They have now had ground raw chicken and turkey, without bone... and today had their first chicken with ground bone.  By the end of the week they'll have had turkey with bone also.  They are getting their meat meal 2 times a day, but that will be 3 in no time at all!  I'll be adding Vit C in their goat milk formula this week too.

HiD continues to be an excellent mommy... for some strange reason she has begun to snore now when she sleeps! <g>
More to come!
A couple of short video clips taken of the puppies on Day 6.
There are not doing a whole lot, of course... but still sweet to see (and hear!)

6 Days old:   


12 Days old: