Standard Poodle Diet and Nutrition Help
Updated Sept 1, 2013

I'm asked, all the time, what dog foods I recommend for Standard Poodles.  While there are new foods coming on the market all the time, I've made a list of kibbles I prefer for this breed. These are my opinion only... I'm watching for certain ingredients.  Please feed a food that does not have Citric Acid used as a fat preservative. 

Other things to be aware of when reading labels are:

*Avoid fat as being one of the first 4 ingredients
*Specific Meat and Meat Meal need to be the first  couple of ingredients
*No corn or corn by-products
*No by-products or by-product meal
*At least 3% fiber
*Avoid Brewers yeast
*Avoid Soybean products
*Avoid Alfalfa
*Avoid Wheat
*Going Low Carb is better for them
*Choose a holistic food or human grade ingredient food

Personally, I prefer a good, lots of variety, raw diet.  I know that it's not always possible so these are dry kibbles I find better than most on the market.  Formulas change, from time to time, and it's important that you check every so often.  (Last I looked, these were ok!)
Keep in mind that a low carb diet is better for them, but while young avoid the 40% + protein.
Also... I feel a dog should have variety in their cooked kibbles as well, so switching up every 4-6 months, (gradually- within 2 weeks time) is a good thing. 
They'll be happy to have their taste buds awakened too!

*With increased kidney issues, among all breeds of dogs... adding moisture to kibble is being reccommended.  Water or broth... and a heaping spoonful of a great canned food would be smart to mix in. 

For best digestion and to actually get the nutrients from the food, their 'gut' needs to be prepared and functioning at it's best.  For this reason, it is important to use probiotics each day, in their kibble. 

Dry Kibble:

Horizon - (grain free) out of Canada. They use pea flour rather than potato. Really like this food.
Orijen’s - (grain free) really good food also out of CAN
Acana - grain free, nice protein and fiber levels
Fromm - grain free varieties, excellent
Addiction - very nice line, some grain free
Solid Gold’s Barking at the Moon - (grain free/high protein)
Petcurerean - 'Go Natural' (grain free/high protein/low fiber)
Petcurerean - 'Now' (grain free but better fiber content)
Canidae - they now have 4 grain free formulas!
Merreck 'Before Grain' - Ocean Blue preferred
Taste of the Wild - (grain free) 4 varieties- easy to switch up
Nature’s Logic - (4 varieties)
Nature’s Variety- YEA!! They have changed their formulas- no Citric Acid in their Instinct line of Grain Free! 
Back to Basics - Grain free Pork formula is wonderful
Artemis - Fresh Mix Maximal (grain free)
Pure Vita- assortment of grain free  protien sources
Evanger’s - Pheasant and Brown Rice (grains but good formula, different protein source)
Ziwi Peak - Pricey but my dogs love it and they don't need to eat much. Great traveling food for raw feeders in a pinch too.

Canned dog foods:

A favorite:  WERUVA.... I purchase the grain free varieties
New, very pleased with Against The Grain - chicken and beef varities
Also Evangers, Fromm,Taste Of The Wild and Merrick put out super canned products
Canidae has new 4 formulas that are grain free and are getting rave reviews
For canned tripe:
ZiWi Peak and Tripett  

Now for Raw Feeders!

If you plan to bring home a Desert Reef puppy, please watch this video ... Thank you!

Contact me for help, at anytime.  Your puppy leaves with terrific health,
coming from generations of raw fed/minimal vaccines...
and being fed the best possible diet for a good foundation and start!