Soft collars, snoods, leggings and belly bands!

While they are a must for poodles in show coats, they look equally lovely on those in pet trims too - 
and other breeds as well!

Standard, in show cut... 22" to 24"
in pet trim... 20" to 22" depending on coat length

Miniature, in show cut... 18" is typical

Some examples, of pre- made.... new collars are always in the make!

Special Orders Welcome

Holiday themes coming soon
We have some beautiful models!


Collars for Standard, Miniature and Toy 
Prices are:

For collars with velcro (using your own chain) - Standard: $25.00/ Miniature: $20/ Toy: $15
Collars with cord - Standard: $40.00/ Miniature: $35/ Toy: $30
Collars with chain - Standard: $45/ Miniature: $40/ Toy: $35

Shipping is $5, no matter how many are purchased - using US 3 day 'Priority' Mail

Snoods - great to keep ears clean while eating - so useful for raw feeders!
There are two different styles to choose from... $15